[Hardworking Actives are
Your Tomorrow´s Hair Miracle]

Continu transforms advanced skincare into supercharged hair and scalp treatments. Through high-performing ingredients and science, we invent hair care products that make a difference – to both hair and scalp. Our method is to provide treatments and rejuvenation to the hair follicle, and embrace a caring and balancing – yet hardworking – hair care routine through the latest innovations. We believe scalp care is the new hair care.


We provide high-performing and active hair care products to create the tomorrow’s effortlessly, healthy looking hair and well-balanced scalp.
All products are made in Sweden and 100% vegan.


We want to transform advanced skincare into your tomorrow’s hair miracle. Our ambition is to give the modern woman a caring, active and hard-working hair care routine through innovation, without compromising modern sophisticated design.

We instruct a sophisticated and extensive hair care routine that really works.

We provide hardworking and active hair products to recreate an effortlessly, healthy looking hair.

We swear by scalp health – a stimulated and well-balanced scalp means stronger, healthier hair.